Monday, August 5

'Mako Mermaids' Episode 2 Review: 'Getting Legs'

Today I will be reviewing and reacting to episode two of Mako Mermaids, Getting Legs. Don't forget to leave you're own thoughts in the comments!

Episode 2: Getting Legs

Episode 2, Getting Legs, begins right where we last left off. Nixie, Layla, and Sirena are podless and Zac has to start figuring out his new life as a merman. After some water spillage confirms he's stuck with a tail for the foreseeable future, Zac gets his very first experience successfully hiding his secret from his Dad. Unfortunately, Zac also happens to be a lifeguard in his spare time and this is definitely going to prove keeping the secret that much harder.

I am quite surprised how well Cam seems to be taking everything in. His best friend reveals that he has become a merman and Cam is cool as a cucumber. I'm sure there's drama to come, but for the time being, it's refreshing.

Meanwhile, the mermaids are at Mako Island hatching a plan. They believe if they zap Zac with their powers, his own powers and his tail will disappear for good. There's just one problem: they have tails. However, the three decide to channel the power of Sirena's moon ring to give them legs and it actually ends up working. There are some hilarious moments here that you'd expect, such as the girls needing to find some sort of clothing and learning to properly walk, which were all fun to see played out.

The girls are able to find Zac's house, but unfortunately for them he is at the beach and not at home. While there, some loud music is accidentally turned on and Zac's parents come to investigate. A new mermaid power is revealed when the girls turn invisible to avoid being seen. I'm not sure if I like this power or seems way too easy. That would have come in real handy for the characters of H2O.

Next the girls run into Zac's girlfriend who tells them that he is at the beach on lifesaving duty. The mermaids find him there and--while remaining undetected--Layla attempts to zap Zac with her powers. She's a little too late though because Zac spots a young girl who is drowning in the ocean and runs to her aid. He transforms into a merman (apparently no one sees the tail since he's out in deep water) and pushes her on a flotation raft back to shore.

And now…here comes the drama. Zac’s never saved anyone so swiftly before and he starts to get a bit of an ego, thinking he should do all the lifesaving from here on out. Cam is definitely hurt by this and lashes out about how Zac shouldn't be taking risks and needs to be more careful. I think Cam is shaping up to be a great character. He's sticking by his friend even through the ego trip and somewhat jealous feelings he appears to be experiencing.

We end this episode back at the moon pool with the mermaids wondering why in the world Zac risked showing his tail to save someone. Layla in particular is beginning to change her mind about Zac, saying that she believes he’s “not all bad”. I think there might be the hint of a future crush brewing here, which would definitely be interesting to see, since Zac already has a girlfriend and we don’t know if/when Zac will find out about the mermaids.

That wraps things up for Mako Mermaids episode 2, Getting Legs. Let me know what you’re thinking of the show so far too!

-The Mermaid Guru


  1. I like in this episode how mermaids are walking on land. :) It was so funny. And I admire the actresses for that, that they can show something like they are doing this first time, but of course they now how to walk. :)

    1. Yes! I thought that the mermaids crossing the street was one of the best parts so far. They made something that could have been super corny look pretty believable.

  2. Yeeeeah, the invisibility powers are way too convenient. I enjoyed the fun in this episode, though. Hopefully Zac becomes less of a jerk about his powers.

    1. I forgot to mention the part that showed they have telekinesis as well, when Layla moved that cube in Zac's room. That power doesn't even make sense to me since it really has nothing to do with water or being a mermaid.

      I'm also hoping Zac's attitude improves. He seems like a good character so far. I think he'll probably come down from the ego trip soon.

  3. What is the name of the song that plays in Zacs room when the girls go digging around?

    1. Have you by any chance found the name of the song? I can't seem to find it!