Monday, July 29

'Mako Mermaids' Episode 1 Review: 'Outcasts'

Mako Mermaids is finally out, which means you can be sure that I'll be sharing all my thoughts and opinions here on the blog! I'd love to hear your thoughts and reactions as well, so be sure to leave a comment so we can discuss!

At the start of episode 1 we are introduced to Sirena and Nixie who are two seemingly playful mermaids that are in some sort of training and are put on guard duty while the older mermaids, specifically one named Aquata, participate in a full moon ceremony. When Sirena and Nixie show up late to guard duty, we are then introduced to our third main mermaid, Layla, a perfectionist who likes to be in charge. 

Meanwhile, our two leading land boys (Cam and Zac) are headed to Mako Island. On a scene side note, I'm loving that the show is using the same music from H2O, it helps give everything a familiar vibe. 

So Sirena and Nixie decide to get a little mischievous by helping the boys catch some fish and the two head for shore on Mako to camp the night, which is a big mistake on the mermaids' part--especially during a full moon. They convene at the moon pool and we get to see some great banter between the three of them. Layla and Nixie both have extremely confident personalities, but have very different approaches to getting things done. At this point of the show I would say Layla is a lot like Emma of H2O, Nixie like Rikki, and Sirena like Cleo, though they are definitely not trying to be carbon copies of the originals.

The moon pool is also noticeably different from how we left it in H2O. I believe Mako Mermaids is not supposed to be a sequel, prequel, or really at all exist in the H2O universe, but is merely a different take on the story of mermaids and Mako Island. I don't think fans should be trying too hard to place the time frame here, because I don't think it's meant to be placeable.

While Zac is out finishing his "nature business", he stumbles upon a cave that was opened by the power of the full moon. Of course, he winds up exploring the place, and finds a mysterious glowing trident on the cave's wall. When he touches it, the floor of the cave drops him down into the moon pool, where Sirena, Layla, and Nixie are waiting. How Zac fell into the moon pool is a complete mystery to them and the mermaids resort to leaving him, unconscious, on Mako's beach.

The next morning Zac's memories of the night's events are fuzzy at best and the mermaids are in trouble with the pod. If Zac changed at all because of the moon pool, we're told that bad things are in store for all the mermaids. The moment of truth comes when Nixie, Sirena, and Layla watch Zac back on land to see how he was affected. Zac is revealed to have the power to manipulate water, but that's not all. After trying to show Cam his new found talent, Zac falls into the water and gets another huge surprise. Unfortunately for the mermaids, Zac has become...a MERMAN!

This is really the moment I was waiting for. I was dying for there to be a merman in H2O, but sadly it never happened. Mako Mermaids was really the answer to everything I had been missing and it's definitely delivering so far.

Another important scene comes right after the big merman reveal. Nixie, Layla, and Sirena must face punishment for the outcome of the last full moon's events and it's pretty horrible news. The mermaid pod is leaving Mako Island and our three mermaids have been cast out of the pod. The mermaids say their goodbyes to Aquata, who then gives Sirena (they're sisters) her moon ring. It's a pretty intense scene, taking the emotion to a level that I don't think H2O ever had and once again proving that this series can stand (or swim) on it's own.

What I don't understand is why in the world Aquata would leave her younger sister in favor of staying with the pod. This was unrealistic to me. I would never abandon my sister merely for friends or responsibilities.

In an unusual plot twist, Cam learns about Zac's merman development right away. The more I think about it though, this makes sense. I think guys are a bit more rash in similar situations, Zac probably wasn't thinking about the possible disadvantages or consequences of revealing his new secret to someone else. I like this, because while he still will undoubtedly be hiding his secret from people, Zac will have someone to talk to about being a merman from the get go.

The episode ends with Nixie, Sirena, and Layla at the moon pool determined to fix their situation.

Overall, this was a great first episode and I can tell that Mako Mermaids is not just a gimmicky reinvention of H2O: Just Add Water, which I was afraid might happen. I have to admit, my fears are pretty much now disbanded! Definitely looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds from here.

-The Mermaid Guru


  1. I've watched 13 episodes and I love it! i can't wait to see rest of the series in September. :) It's different than H2O but not less interesting.
    I Hope you understand me because normally I speak polish not english. :P

    1. Don't worry, your English is great :)

      Thanks for reading my review--I also cannot wait for September!

  2. Im hooked on this show. I wish H20 would have lasted longer, but I don't mind Mako. I watched all 3 seasons of H20 and the first season of Mako with my 7 year old daughter and I CANNOT wait until September 15th!