Tuesday, July 29

Why I didn't like 'Mako Mermaids'...

This is a hard post to write. I don't want to write it. But I didn't like Mako Mermaids.

No H20 fan was more excited about this revamp than I was, trust me. However, as much as I wanted to love this show, it just fell flat. There was no magical feeling, no warm and fuzzy friendships, and no one I could root for (well, except maybe Cam, but then they went and utterly destroyed Cam).

The problems were way too simple. Everything that the characters faced could have been solved with some  old fashion communication. There was way too much anger in the show. Flat characters who had single goals and not much motivation. Like why does Zac go from a nice, chill guy to a raging lunatic obsessed with the potential power of the trident?? Male power-hungry stereotype much? And the girls themselves aren't really even friends. They don't work together and don't care much about each other.

Then, of course, their mermaid powers were all too convenient for the situations. In H20, the girls each only had one ability and they had to figure out how to save each other in so many instances with just those powers and their brains.

There's a lot more I could say, but I'll just leave it at the fact that I didn't like the show. I hear a second season was filmed, but no word on a release date or if Netflix is even interested in picking it up. What did you think of Mako Mermaids. Does it have the potential to improve?

-The Mermaid Guru