Tuesday, August 26

Bookshelf Tour!

I thought I'd share a bit about my bookshelf at home. I wanted to show off my mermaid shelf as well as show you guys that I'm not 100% mermaids all the time! I also really love The Hunger Games, Twilight, and a bunch of other YA books. The bookshelf holds most of the books I own. At least, the ones I care about. I have three shelves, which you can see below:

The first shelf is half Hunger Games and half Twilight. On the Hunger Games from left to right:

  • The Hunger Games Training Days board game
  • Copies of People magazine with my photo dressed as Effie inside
  • The Hunger Games movie companion
  • The Girl who was on Fire Movie Edition
  • THG Tribute Guide
  • UK "adult" editions of the series
  • US editions of the series
  • The Hunger Games DVD
  • Catching Fire DVD
  • My GetGlue stickers featuring THG
  • Harkins 2012 movie cup featuring Katniss

I also have a Katniss Barbie doll and mockingjay pin. Continuing to the Twilight side:

  • Four Twilight movies on DVD (I'm missing Breaking Dawn P1)
  • Movie Tie-In Edition of Twilight
  • Movie Tie-In Edition of New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Twilight Official Illustrated Guide

I also keep my jewelry box on that shelf and have a frame from New Moon on the backboard.

My dedicated mermaid shelf actually looks a little different since I took the full bookshelf picture. This is what it looks like now:

In case anything catches your eyes, from left to right we have:

  • Sirena
  • Forgive my Fins
  • Monstrous Beauty
  • My Sister Sif
  • Seven Tears into the Sea
  • Tempest Rising
  • Ripple
  • The Water Mirror
  • Teenage Mermaid
  • Isabel of the Whales
  • Ingo (3 copies)
  • The Tide Knot
  • The Tide Knot UK Edition
  • The Deep UK Edition
  • The Crossing of Ingo UK Edition
  • Stormswept
  • Wake
  • Lost Voices
  • Sirena
  • Midnight Pearls
  • Sea Change
  • Aquamarine
  • Indigo
  • Siren
  • The Little Mermaid DVD
  • Ariel's Beginning DVD
  • Emily Windsnap 2 mini book boxed set
  • The Tail of Emily Windsnap 
  • Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep
  • Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist
  • Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

I also have a mermaid Barbie sitting on the audiobook of The Tail of Emily Windsnap as well as a metal mermaid figure and a water globe from Laguna Beach, CA.

The bottom is really just for everything that's left. Some of my favorites are the Shiver books, Narnia, and the Percy Jackson series. So those are my books; hope you enjoyed taking a look!

-The Mermaid Guru