Tuesday, September 25

Top Ten Tuesday: (Mermaid) Series I Haven't Finished

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 
I thought it would be fun to start participating in a couple of memes throughout the week. I probably won't do Top Ten Tuesday very often just because some topics aren't really adaptable to my blog, but I thought this list would be fun! I also plan on occasionally doing "Waiting on Wednesdays".

So, most of the series on this list I wouldn't recommend, as I didn't finish the sequels on purpose, but there are a couple I just haven't gotten around to reading yet!

'The Water Mirror' Trilogy by Kai Meyer - While I did enjoy it and mermaids were present throughout the first book, they weren't the most prominent part of the story and I didn't feel like I was very invested in the main character's adventure, I didn't continue to the sequels. It's a great series though if you like Egyptian mythology!

    'Siren' Trilogy by Tricia Rayburn - I quit this series because the first book was so predictable. It took way too long to get to the climax when the reader already knows what's going to happen to the main character. Basically, this series just offered nothing new.

      'Pichi Pichi Pitch: Mermaid Melody' Manga Series - I've read a good number of mangas, however, when it comes to mermaids, I like deep and dark. Too fluffy for my tastes, though others I'm sure would enjoy them!

      'Real Mermaids' Series by Helene Boudreau - Nothing wrong with these books other than they are a bit young for me. I read the first book and skimmed the second. Great for kids interested in mermaids!

      'Water' Trilogy by Kara Dalkey - I enjoyed the first book. I just knew that the rest were not set underwater and feature the main character with legs, so I didn't continue them.

      'Fins' Trilogy by Tera Lynn Childs - Simply too fluffy for my tastes, but I know a lot of mermaid loving fans who are all about this series! I read the first and was part of the official Splash Team. I ended up skimming the second.

      'Daughters of the Sea' Trilogy by Kathryn Lasky - I read the first two in this series and just wasn't very impressed. Like 'Siren', these books were rather slow and also seemed a little too young to be in the YA section.

      'Mer Tales' Trilogy by Brenda Pandos - I really loved the first book and this is just one of those cases where I haven't gotten around to the sequel, 'Evergreen'.

      'Tempest' Trilogy by Tracy Deebs - Another awesome series that I just haven't had time to catch up on! The first book was great and while there was a love triangle here and I'm not of big fan of those, it was well done and I'm actually interested who Tempest will be picking...

      'Paranormalcy' Trilogy by Kiersten White - Okay, so as far as mermaids go, this book is already a stretch since the only fishiness here is that the main character's bff is a mermaid. I just never really got into the first book even though it was a decent story. Also, I'm not really into that many paranormal creatures other than mermaids!

      So, what do you think, should I give any of these series another try? What's on YOUR top ten list?

      -The Mermaid Guru


      1. Wow! I've hardly read any mermaid books. But the Water Trilogy I stumbled upon years ago and just absolutely loved it!

        Here's my Top Ten

      2. I remember The Water Trilogy. . . well the first book at least. I LOVED that one but I never knew there was more to it, so I will have to check the rest out!

        1. Yep! There's even a very large book that includes all three volumes in the series. I picked it up once from the library, but I just never got around to reading the rest. I'm sure the trilogy is great though, as the first was almost made into an animated film in Germany :)