Thursday, July 11

Chai Romruen Talks Landing his Role on 'Mako Mermaids'

Chai Romruen, who plays Zac in the soon to be released Mako Mermaids, talked with The Nambucca Guardian about the show and playing a merman. I'm more excited to see Mako Mermaids than I can ever really explain. I loved H2O and even though I'm sad it's over, I could not be more thrilled that the spin-off is featuring a merman. Mer books, movies, and TV are pretty rare alone, but the fact that this show will feature a merman is even rarer. I'm counting on Zac to be the best thing since Disney Channel's original movie character Cody in The Thirteenth Year. Chai shared a scan of the article on his Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages today, but it's a bit hard to read so I have written up some of the highlights.

On the auditioning process:

"It was an emotional roller coaster. I was so hopeful and had to do two days of final auditions with 10 other people who all had TV experience. I felt like a nobody and I started to get really nervous."

When Chai learned he got the part:

"I ran outside in the rain and just lay on the was amazing. It was the moment I realized you really can do what you want in life. Then I called my mum straight away to tell her."

What his mom had to say about Chai landing the role:

"As far as landing his first role as a merman, it is so fitting. When we lived in Thailand when he was young...if he was ever out of sight you could be sure to find him in the sea pretending to be a fish."

Chai also mentions that wearing the merman tail felt like "flying underwater". Don't forget that Mako Mermaids premieres on Netflix and on Network Ten July 26th! Will you be watching?

-The Mermaid Guru

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