Sunday, September 16

Mer-Merch Monday

Every so often, I'll be posting about cool mermaid/sea-themed merchandise I find online. This week, I've been browsing around on etsy and wow there's a lot of cool stuff for sale! There were three items in particular that really caught my interest--all under $30!

First, this gorgeous piece of metal wall art called "Seated Mermaid" and created by etsy seller BCMetalCraft. In the description it says the item is made of heavy gauge steel and is finished with black paint. I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it and am definitely putting it on my wishlist! How cool would it look up on a wall?! It's currently available here and sold for a reasonable $29!

Next is the "Fire Opal Mermaid Necklace" by Seyshelles. This shop also has a ton of other beautiful sea-themed items to check out! I love this necklace because of the blue accent and the fact that it's "clean". While I like mermaids, I don't like them to be overly nude looking--especially on something I'd be wearing. A piece like this would be a perfect gift for any mermaid enthusiast! Available here for $25!

Last up is this awesome "Mermaid Cardigan" designed by MartyMay. I find this design particularly attractive as it combines two of my loves, mermaids and archery. Adding this as another must-have to my list! Also available from this shop are T-shirts featuring narwhals, a seahorse, and an octopus. This mermaid cardigan is for sale here and only $28!

Did any of these items catch your eye? Let me know! Also remember that any blog feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I am just starting out and want to know what you'd like to see!

-The Mermaid Guru

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