Thursday, July 26

Welcome + Ingo Series Reissue

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post. Here I’ll be blogging about mermaids, books about mermaids, and other random thoughts and things about the mermaid universe. Thanks for stopping by!

Now, the first thing I want to talk about is my favorite series of books about merpeople: The Ingo Chronicles by the fabulous Helen Dunmore. To the left is a group picture of all four in the series.
Because Helen Dunmore decided to write a fifth book (a spin-off series), Harper Collins is recovering the entire set to match the new cover of number five! Now I’m quite in love with the originals myself, so I was very worried that I wouldn’t be pleased with the recovers.
I have to say, after seeing the final product (on the right), I’m not too impressed for a number of reasons:

1) No tails-This is a book about mermaids and while it’s true that the main girl character isn’t a mermaid herself, the old covers pulled you in straight away and you knew what kind of story you were in for.

2) Unoriginal-Every book nowadays features a cover with a girls body, close up face, or some weird abstract pose that conceals the main characters face. One word: BORING.

3) Too much-The covers are extremely cluttered. There’s a ridiculous font, coupled with a  cartoon mermaid, a girl swimming, swirly edits around the whole thing AND a border! Tone it down!

And yet, I’ll most likely still be buying the new set because, well, it’s just my favorite series of books and I want all the versions on my shelf.
New covers also means the readership is going to grow and who can complain about that?

-The Mermaid Guru